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Enter the CHAT ZONE

“WHY do stories of SOME PEOPLE inspire you to do SOMETHING new?

WHY do SOME PEOPLE work harder on hearing the word “CHALLENGE”?

WHY don’t we keep a step today to GRAB the UNREACHABLE…?????????????????

Lets make ourselves standout from the crowd…..

– Anand M G & Hariprasad C M




“If with just twenty six alphabets, we can make millions of words, with a hundred dreams, we can build a whole new world”.

Isn’t that possible???

Every year, lakhs of young people graduate all over the world. Every year, myriad inventions and discoveries are made. Every year, we see rise and fall of several business men. Every year, many people take birth, many leave their lives, many get married… many become parents… many get job., many lose them.., many people struggle for their living and yet others struggle for security. Many people become mad, many get new diseases, many  suicide…, many people murder others… and so on and on and on…

Have you ever asked WHY??????

Are you just one among the whole lot of people who live without an aim to ‘Stand Out From The Crowd‘????

Why can’t we join our hands and be different?????????


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Enter the CHAT ZONE